In my dressing up box...

3 pig costumes and 1 wolf

1 little red hen costume

1 Snow White costume

A pirates hat and a princess dress

This term our topic 'In my dressing up box' is based on traditional tales and fairy tales. We started the term with the 3 little pigs. We have made houses, tested the materials for wind and flood (hairdryer and water!) and having read some of the many versions of the story we have written our own twisted version. We snuck in a nice early trip to the Storyhouse in Chester where we used a variety of techniques to bring our story alive (levers, springs, pulleys and pop outs).


For Harvest we made bread and did a re-telling of the Little Red Hen, and it was Bread_Making.jpg

wonderful to see every single member of the class speaking confidently in church. We will be moving onto Snow White and the twisted version 'Snow White in New York' where we will be exploring emotions and feelings. We will use emojis on the ipads to present what we learn about our emotions.

Our non-fiction work is based on homes around the world. We will be finding out all about homes from other countries as well as the different types of houses in our country. The children will of course be given the challenge of building the homes out of various construction materials! We have already had a bungalow built in the block play, although the entrance/exit needs work. After thorough evaluation the children realised that climbing in through the window wasn't at all practical! See work in progress below.


 After half term we will be moving onto Peter Pan. We will use clips from the    film as inspiration for our writing. More pirate costumes will appear in the dressing up box and we will use what we found out about materials to make boats