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Our Staff

We are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful staff team here at Shocklach.

We have happy and enthusiastic staff who work extremely hard to create a safe, welcoming and stimulating learning environment for all. The teachers and support staff work closely together as a team to support and encourage each other.

The school values ongoing professional development and we encourage all our staff to take pride in their work and to forge positive relationships with the families that we serve and our community.

Please meet our staff team below.

Mrs Shephard, our Executive Headteacher.

Mrs Lewis is our School Admin Officer.

Mrs Kelly is our Admin Assistant.

Mr Morris, our Teacher-in-Charge and Class 2 (Badgers) teacher for 3 days each week.

Mrs Jackson, our Class 2 (Badgers) teacher for 2 days each week.

Miss Whitehurst, Badgers Class Teaching Assistant.

Mrs Mills, Badgers Class Teaching Assistant.

Miss Pearson, our Badgers Class Forest School teacher.

Mrs Gilbert, Class 1 (Foxes) teacher for 3 days each week.

Mrs Jones, Class 1 (Foxes) teacher for 2 days each week. 

Mrs Poole, 1:1 support in Foxes Class.

Mrs Gilbert (Mrs G), 1:1 support in Foxes Class.

Miss Abi Price, our Lunchtime Assistant.
Janet is our cook and makes our delicious dinners!

Mr Gardner is our Caretaker who looks after our school and helps us keep it clean and tidy.